Stay-cation Playlist

Hey everyone! I have a 5-day weekend (as of yesterday), and wanted to share what I've been listening to while enjoying this little Stay-cation. To make you all a little bit more jealous, I plan on spending the rest of my week lying in the pool, drinking wine, and reading... and of course, listening to this playlist.

Also, for those of you who are Childish Gambino fans (I can only hope that is ALL of you!), this playlist contains all of the tracks from ROYALTY, his new mixtape.

And last but not least, before you check out my playlist, you all must know that there is a new album coming out next month called "Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac".  Essentially, it is an album full of Fleetwood Mac songs covered by current artists. I AM SO EXCITED! :)
Read the Pitchfork article about this album HERE.


000staycationmusic by cookiemachine on Grooveshark

p.s. this post was created on thursday. forgot to publish it. whoops.


Taking a Break...

Happy 4th of July week!
Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to take a brief hiatus from the blog. It is something I've been considering a lot in the past 2 months, and I had to make a decision. I will be coming back, better, stronger, sharper, and more creative than ever before. The blog is getting an overhaul in a major way, and if I'm going to do it right, it will take a bit of time.
We've got a lot going on in the next few weeks, and I simply will not have the time to create the fun, creative posts that people will actually want to read! I have been slacking so much on the DIY posts lately, and those are the main reason I started the blog. If I don't have time to do those, I need to find a way to make time, and taking a break to get other priorities in order seems to be the way to do it. I still may post a playlist here and there if I have a some time and inspiration, but other than that, I will be back in full swing by the beginning of August.
This break will also allow me time to work on creating new jewelry (In fact, I will have be having a sale at the store, so stay on the lookout for that! Details soon.), which I have been desperately needing to do lately.
Anywho, thank you everyone for your support and loyalty! It means a lot.