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Christmas was a blast! Shane and I road-tripped it to Iowa for a brief Christmas vacation. We spent 4 days there, laughing, drinking, exchanging gifts and spending time with friends and family. I wouldn't have had it any other way!

For our first day there, we had sort of a triple-date dinner party/except not dinner/basically dips and jenga. It was everything I needed and more. Jenga nights are sort of a tradition with us, so we had to keep it real and now Shane is officially a Jenga night participant! haha.
Here are some hilarious pics of Jen and Kasjen.

The next day, we had plans to go get Indian food with Cassie for lunch, but all decided we were too zombified from the night before, so instead we hung out, watched some Doctor Who and ordered Chinese. Not disappointed in the least. Once we left there, we had Christmas Eve with my family, opened gifts, and had a great dinner made by my sister. Here are some pics of the kids opening gifts...

nieces ayanna & mackenzie

jake opening one of his gifts

niece madyson (soon-to-be baubleheadz jewelry model!)

mackenzie opening a super glitter package!

ayanna and mackenzie being dorks :)

nephew, jake. the mustache and eyebrows moved up and down! hilarious.

my brother-in-law steve wearing the incognito glasses

caught him changing into the sweater we gave him, hahaha. 

asia and her art box!

bunch of goofballs

steve with his "#1 Everything" mug. hahah.

Christmas Day, Shane and I (but mostly Shane) made a ham and some sides for dinner with my dad and sisters and two of my nieces. We had a nice lazy day, lounging around playing with gifts, looking through REALLY REALLY old pictures (I'll scan and share some soon!)  It was a nice day, and when everyone left, Shane and I went out to the bar to meet up with a bunch of friends. Here are some pics of that...event. :)

NYE was last night, and a few days ago on Buzzfeed, I saw a post about making tiny party hats for your cats. I was immediately hooked on the idea, so I crafted a couple cute party hats. I could only (BARELY) get one of the cats to cooperate, and this is what I came up with.

It was every bit as hilarious as you might expect. She would not stop glaring at me, and she couldn't get the hat off on her own, so she started running in circles underneath the Christmas tree, attempting to knock it off with the low branches. Still unsuccessful, she plopped down underneath it in defeat, and glared at me until we got it off her and let her take out her revenge on it. She has since forgiven us, and no cats were harmed in the making of this photo. haha. :)

I have a lot of reviews and such to catch up on (including the holiday birchbox and several other makeup reviews, yay!!

Hope everyone's holiday was as satisfying as ours! Happy new year!

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